Welcome to The Wake Up Laughing Blog

Welcome to The Wake Up Laughing Blog

“It’s time to wake up laughing. Why? Because there’s definitely something funny going on!”
— Swami Beyondananda

In these serious times that call for awakening, what better way to awaken than to wake up laughing?

Featuring the heart-opening and mind-expanding cosmic comedy of Swami Beyondananda, we seek to provide love, laughter and comic perspective as we ride the roller coaster to enlightenment – wheeee!

You can read about the Swami’s checkered background (now more updated to a soft herring-bone), his non-religion called FUNdamentalism (accent on FUN), his travels in this world … and out of this world.

You’ll also get introduced to Swami’s Co-Hearts – the folks who want to move the Evolutionary Upwising forward and are involved in their own helpful healing endeavors.

Sign up for Swami’s Daily Laughsitive, and every day you will have a snippet of Swami’s wacky wisdom to chew on. And remember, just one small epigram of enlightened laughter (the exact amount contained in one laughsitive) is enough to release up to a megahurt of emotional pain.

Tell your friends, because when it comes to laughter, the more the merrier!

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