Wake Up Laughing … And Leave Laughter In Your Wake

A Course In Cosmic Comedy and Healing Laughter

February 26th through April 16th

With Steve Bhaerman


Dear Friends:

If you’re ready to start the New Year with a healthier, happier perspective — and immerse yourself in cosmic comedy and healing laughter — you may be interested in a new program to help you wake up laughing, and leave laughter in your wake.

It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s inexpensive, and it’s SwamiShoulderAug13designed for anyone — from professional funny person to serious individual looking t0 enlighten up — who would love to bring appropriate humor to life’s situations, and gain healing, perspective, and even awakening.

There’s a reason why a sense of humor is always mentioned as a desirable trait in a partner or a mate. Humor used the right way magnetizes positive energy and uplifts everyone in its field. Can a sense of humor be learned? My experience says it can be cultivated and practiced. Whatever your profession, calling, or “work of heart”, a healthy sense of humor will make your pursuit of happiness happier. As you lighten up, you will enlighten up all those you come in contact with.

Here’s how this teleclass works. There will be six live calls over an 8-week period, and the calls are spread out so you can weave your new humorous habits and practices into your life over time. In between sessions, you will have playful assignments and practices to help you cultivate YOUR sense of humor. Tune in to the calls, and you will also have a chance to ask questions (and even get answers).

The cost for these six sessions + bonuses is $150.

Here is the class schedule:

Class One. Thursday, February 26th   5 to 6:15 pm PTswami.points.right

Class Two. Thursday, March 5th   5 to 6:15 pm PT

Class Three. Thursday, March 12th   5 to 6:15 pm PT

Class Four. Thursday, March 26th   5 to 6:15 pm PT

Class Five. Thursday, April 9th   5 to 6:15 pm PT

Class Six. Thursday, April 16th   5 to 6:15 pm PT

All sessions will be recorded, so you can listen at your leisure, and playful assignments will be assigned every week — even weeks the class isn’t meeting — so you can keep your momentum going. And … there will be two additional bonus calls:

Special Europe-Friendly Coaching Call

Saturday, March 28th – 9 am to 10:15 am PT

Special Swami Karma Talk Call

Wednesday, April 1st (when else?) – 5 pm to 6:15 pm PT. Swami answers your questions, and you will question his answers!

And yes, there’s more …

All Wake Up Laughing participants will receive our digital Course In Laughter. This self-paced course includes two e-books (Wake Up Laughing, Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba), a Workbook, and hours of audio instruction on the ins and outs of using humor as a transformational tool. As part of the course, you will receive two additional audio files, The Fool’s Journey and Beyondananda and Beyond. This $97 value is INCLUDED in the registration fee for the class, and download links will be sent via email within 48 hours of registration.

Here is the Course schedule and more specific topics:

Session 1. It’s A Joke — Laugh.

Life is a joke, but God is laughing with us not at us

In this opening session, we will explore the connection between laughter and awakening, as we explore the first principle of Cosmic Comic Consciousness: “It’s a joke. Laugh.” If you’ve ever wondered about “the cosmic joke” and “the Divine Comedy” or said, “And then a funny thing happened,” you will be surprised and delighted by this session. Oh, and you’ll LAUGH too! Thursday, February 19th, 5:00 to 6:15 pm, PT

Session 2. Laughter Really IS Medicine

Laughing is so good for you it’s not even funny.

Ever since Norman Cousins published his groundbreaking book, Anatomy of An Illness in 1979 recounting how he used humor to treat a life-threatening illness, scientists and lay people have been exploring the healing power of laughter. (As the Swami says, “Sure it works in practice. But does it work in theory?”) In this session, you’ll learn the science of laughter medicine, AND you’ll learn the art of using laughter as medicine to heal emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Thursday, February 26th, 5:00 to 6:15 pm, PT

Session 3. The Architecture of A Joke

Take humor seriously and seriousness humorously

Have you ever wondered why jokes tend t0 use “three’s” — a minister, a priest, and a rabbi, for example? Or why the rabbi usually gets to deliver the punchline? Attend this session, and wonder no more. You’ll also discover how a joke is actually a mini-trance, and how it can stop the one-track mind it its tracks — and take us from our head into our heart. Finally, we will learn the secret of successful joke telling: The punchline goes at the end. Thursday, March 5th, 5:00 to 6:15 pm, PT

Session 4. Self-Facing Laughter

Life is a comedy of situations, and you are having an episode.

In this session, we show how laughing at yourself — in just the right ways — is a key to health and happiness. Rather than being a put-down, self-facing laughter is a “put up”; levity raises our perspective to see ourselves, and the conditions of our lives from a higher view. What would it be like to start each day looking in the mirror and literally laughing in your own face? The ability to laugh at oneself — the foundation of a true sense of humor — is a skill that facilitates and lubricates every human transaction. Self-facing laughter can help you become your own best friend, and magnetize allies and positive situations. If God is laughing with us at our follies, who are we to not laugh? Thursday, March 12th, 5:00 to 6:15 pm, PT

Session 5. Find the Joke Hidden In This Picture

Use levity to defy gravity.

There will always be times — no matter how happy, healthy and awake we are — when a funny thing happens that’s just not funny. At that point, it makes sense to ask, “Where is the joke hidden in this picture?” Is there a splendid irony, a secret insight that is hidden in clear sight? The skill is not so much BEING funny as seeing funny and hearing funny. In this session, we will explore techniques used by comedians and amateurs to see funny, to listen with a different part of the mind, and to find something uproariously funny or subtly ironic in almost anything that happens. You’ll learn how to use levity as leverage, or better yet, loverage. Thursday, March 26th, 5:00 to 6:15 pm, PT

Session 6. Practice Random Acts of Comedy

Wake up laughing, and leave laughter in your wake.

In this final session, you will put it all together to practice the art of situational comedy — bringing appropriate humor to almost any situation. You’ll learn about practical jokes that warm the heart (rather than pouring cold water on some unsuspecting victim) and the art of “Fun Shui”, the playful arrangement of objects to elicit laughter and smiles. You’ll learn how to let your natural sense of humor emerge — without trying. You’ll learn how to be a playful child and a wise adult all at once, a purveyor of Cosmic Comic Consciousness, and a beacon of light and lightness in your world. Thursday, April 9th, 5:00 to 6:15 pm, PT

And … upon successful completion of this course, you will receive an official Absurdification from the Swami himself! You can print it out and frame it, and put it next to your diploma. Our bet is it garners more attention!

Go here to register.

The pre-recorded Course In Laughter will arrive in your inbox within 48 hours of registration. Other course materials will arrive the week of February 16th. And here is Swami Beyondananda’s Unconditional Guarantee. If you register for this class, the Swami promises to LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY.

Yes, Steve DOES do individual coaching to help you achieve your humor potential and humorize your message.  Just send an email and write Coaching in the subject line.

May you wake up laughing, and leave laughter in your wake!



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