Wake Up Laughing and Join the Upwising Specials

Products to Help You Wake Up Laughing …


Swami Beyondananda LIVE In the Here and Now! $10 Swami’s latest live-performance audio, a laugh-filled journey through present-day reality through the eye of cosmic comic perspective. 60 minutes of comedy disguised as wisdom, and wisdom disguised as comedy. Recorded live in Redding, California in May 2015. Digital download, $10 Order here.

Swami Beyondananda LIVE In the Here and Now CD $20 (price includes US shipping — overseas shipping extra)  Order here.


Swami’s Fool Enchilada Variety Pack — $ 18 each, Five CDs for Jest $55! Just like those old cereal variety packs, this offers something for everyone’s taste. Don’t Squeeze the Shaman, Beyondananda and Beyond, Drive Your Karma, Curb Your Dogma and Supreme Court Jester, PLUS Swami’s newest CD – Swami Live in the Here and Now. Order here.

Swamis DIGITAL Fool Enchilada Special    $39.00
Download to your computer: All FIVE comedy CDs PLUS offer includes 2 E-books: Wake Up Laughing: An Insiders Guide to the Cosmic Comedy, and The Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba. $39. Order here.



… And Leave Laughter in Your Wake

Wake Up Laughing: An Insider’s Guide to the Cosmic Comedy E-book    $15.00
It’s less than a latte, and offers a cosmic comic pick-me-up. This book will help you wake up laughing and leave laughter in your wake. You’ll learn how to use cosmic comedy and healing laughter, and you’ll have plenty of laughs along the way. Talk about cultivating EbookCoversBothlightness in dark times … our answer to nuclear proliferation? New clear pro-laugheration! If you think we need more mind-expanding comedy and heart-opening laughter, please tell your friends, family, associates, community. Buy it as a gift. And remember … no trees were harmed in the making of this book! Order here.

The Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba E-Book    $15.00
A Compendium of three dozen of the funniest jokes you’ve ever heard, suitable for after dinner speakers, and way after dinner speakers. This is an e-book for download to your computer. $15.00 Order here.

Or, get BOTH of these e-books for jest $25! Order here.

Wake Up Laughing and Leave Laughter in Your Wake: A Self-Paced Tutorial for Non-Comedians (and Comedians Too).    $79.00
Jest in case you can’t do the Shift class and want to learn at your own pace … the price of this package — including 12 hours of audio immersion, a Sillybus filled with information, practices, stories and links to humor resources, and the monthly calls — is $99. And now for a limited time … it’s just $79. Find out more here.


… And For Those Who Want to Spark An Evolution

SpontaneousBookCoverSmallWebSpontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There from Here  $21.00 In the midst of the current worldwide crises comes a hopeful new story of our evolutionary future, a book Deepak Chopra has called “world changing.” Based on the latest discoveries in “new edge science,” resonant with ancient spiritual wisdom, Spontaneous Evolution weaves science, spirit, politics and economics into a holistic paradigm that maps a pathway for planetary healing. $21 includes US shipping, overseas shipping extra. Order here.

56_New SE cover artSpontaneous Evolution — 5 CD Set   $39.00  Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman discuss their paradigm-busting book in a 5 CD, more than 7 hours of enlightening audio conversation. The perfect evolutionary journey for long trips! $39 includes US shipping, overseas shipping extra. Order here.

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