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Week of August 1, 2017

Swami For Precedent

A 7-Step Plan to Heal the Body Politic and Cure Electile Dysfunction

5 for $29 (includes US shipping) A $75 value!


Ah, nostalgia.PrecedentCoverNL.2 copy

Remember back to the darkest days of the George Bush era, where we assured one another, “Cheer up … it could be worse.”

Well, we were right. It is.

Times sure were different in 2004 when this book came out. For one thing, the Swami would NEVER be allowed to do the flying carpet fly-by so close to the White House, not these days. And it was back when we imagined that if we just got past Bush and Cheney, the Age of Aquarius would be upon us.

Well, turns out the hopium didn’t work … and looks like we’re still stuck for at least a while in the Age of Nefarious. You know, “When the goon moves into Lincoln’s house and stupider aligns with Mars.”

And two things that will help us turn the current crises into evolutionary opportunity are laughter and awakening. Swami For Precedent is guaranteed to help with both — or double your grumpiness back! And while it was published thirteen years ago as a book about current politics, the currents of politics haven’t changed much.

Fortunately the body politic is wiser.

So if you want to foster the great upwising, give a copy to five of your friends to cheer them up.

Or save them for birthdays or the holidays.

(Between you and us and whoever is spying on this site — Swami for Precedent will soon go out of print and become a RARE BOOK. This is your chance to snarf ’em up while you can.)

Jest go here: https://www.wakeuplaughing.com/epistore/?productId=149

Remember cosmic comic karma. What goes around, comes around. The laugh you save may be your own!

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