Back By Popular SUPPLY! Swami is Over-Booked – Awarehouse Filled With Laughed Overs That Are Still Fresh!

“Suffering from irregular-hilarity? You need a good laughsitive.”

— Swami Beyondananda


swamipoints.moosefixDear Friends,

We would love to say we are reviving last year’s highly-successful Awarehouse Sale because of popular demand. It’s more accurate to say, it’s back by popular SUPPLY … because we have enough supply in our awarehouse to meet the most demanding demand.

We have a few NEW specials, so please read all the way through. If you’re ready to give the gift of heart-opening laughter and mind-expanding comedy this year (to yourself and others) … read on.

As we go about our busy-ness in the hustle bustle of the holiday season, let us take a moment to consider those less fortunate than ourselves — the humorless.

Statistics show that one out of every three people in this country, go to bed grumpy. And another third go to bed with grumpy! That leaves the other third out-numbered two to one.

“Statistics show that one out of every three people in this country, go to bed grumpy. And another third go to bed with grumpy! That leaves the other third out-numbered two to one.”

Not surprisingly, the fastest growing jestive ailment is … humorrhoids. That is a painful enlargement of the onus, where the only thing you are ever able to pass is heavy judgments. This can lead to other, even more serious conditions including selfish-righteousness, smartyrdom, irony deficiency and yes, even truth decay. Humorlessness takes a toll, all right. Look at the serious condition the world is in, for goodness sakes.

It’s all that seriousness.

But as the old new thought mantra goes, Spirit never us gives us a challenge we are not capable of meeting.

Over-booked — A Case of Too Many Cases

And that is why, in a long-forgotten awarehouse, in a dusty corner behind all the digital files, we discovered boxes and boxes of Swami For Precedent books, still as fresh as they were ten years ago — and sadly, even more politically pertinent and impertinent. Now that the hopium has worn off, there is disheartenment in the heartland.

Precedent.coverAnd no wonder, considering all the afflictions the body politic is suffering from. Thanks to the unholy alliance between the Koch-suckers and mother-frackers, electile dysfunction is more rampant than ever. And we are still dealing with the debilitating effects of Mad Cowboy Disease, which has exacerbated an already-serious case of Deficit Attention Disorder.

Yes, the truth shall upset you free — which is why laughter is so important in re-heartening a disheartened heartland.

And so we want to use our resource this holiday season to feed two birds with one scone. First, we get these books into the hands of the humorless, and second we actually raise the laugh force in the body politic enough to spark an evolutionary upwising … where we wise up to a new WE-ality … WE are the leaders we’ve been waiting for … and the thundering of laughter dislodges the illogical logic holding the entire insane system together.

Anyone you know feeling particularly humorless about the political shituation?

This book will help!

Someone in your world feeling down and out? This book will change their mood to up and in, and then they will become an enlightening rod for other discouraged souls.

Your Chance to Help the Humorless Now!

The humorless are among us. You have only to look. This book is packed with laughsitives on every page. Need we say more?swami.points.right

So here is how easy we’ve made it.

You can buy a book for $19, and that includes US shipping.

You can buy two books for $25, three for $33 and five for $50.

Ten books? $80!

Order books here.

Twenty books? Forty books (a whole case)? Make us an offer!

Here’s a little secret that’s not a secret anymore because I am telling you. The Swami is considering another precedential bid in 2016, what with not having been appointed Supreme Court Jester. A campaign like that would call for updating the book, so these 2004 editions will become collector’s items. If they are liberated from our awarehouse, that is. Otherwise — too sad to imagine — they will become trash collector’s items.

Don’t let perfectly good laughed-overs go to waste. You wouldn’t want it on your conscience!

Oh, and if you like the work and play we’re doing here at Wake Up Laughing and want to see our endeavors proliferate (and prolaugherate), this campaign to distribute healthy laughed overs to the humorless will seed the next evolution of Wake Up Laughing.

If you appreciate transformational humor and want to support our endeavor AND make sure the folks you know and love receive the gift of laughter this holiday season, here is how you can feed MANY birds with one scone.




Precedent.coverThe Fool Enchilada + Two. You can now get FIVE Swami CDs for the price of three! Our latest FOOL ENCHILADA package includes all four of the Swami classic CDs, plus our latest, Swami LIVE in the Here and Now, PLUS TWO copies of Swami for Precedent. $110 in laugh-filled product. Just $59 includes US shipping.


SwamiLive-CoverSmallSwami LIVE In the Here and Now 6-Pack. It’s deeper than Deepak, hipper than Tupac, , and unlike that other 6-pack, has ZERO CALORIES — get SIX copies of Swami’s latest live performance CD for friends, family and co-hearts. They’re $20 each including US shipping, but you can get 6 for $75 (including US shipping). Order Swami Live here.


Go digital. You can get any of 5 Swami CD digital mp3 downloads for $10 each, and two hilarious and inciteful e-books for $15 each and 2 for $25, and feel free to share with friends.

Order digital CD downloads here.2.ebook.covers

Order digital e-books here.

Or, you can get the DIGITAL FOOL ENCHILADA — including 5 CDs and two e-books — a $75 value for just $39.

Order digital Fool Enchilada here.

We are gearing up for an upwising in 2016, and your choosing to make holiday purchases with us will help us raise the laugh force in a world in serious shape because of too much funny business going on.

Oh, and if you want to find out how YOU can achieve Cosmic Comic Consciousness and bring more joyful laughter to the world, click here (go to Wake Up Laughing and Leave Laughter in Your Wake page)

May you wake up laughing, and leave laughter in your wake!

Steve Bhaerman

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