Join Humanity’s Teammates for A Special Online Event Living In Oneness

“We are all one with the same One — if I’m One, you’re One too!”   — Swami Beyondananda


Dear Friends and Evolutionary Co-Hearts:

In Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and I suggest that the next phase of human evolution is recognizing that we are each and all cells in the body of a new super-organism called Humanity.  On a practical level, it means gathering all good intentions under “one big intent” — thrival for all.

During this time of awakening and “upwising,” more and more individuals who’ve been receiving a similar signal are wondering, how do we live into this new awareness now?

In our book, Bruce and I came up with a 3-step plan to do exactly that — evolutionary awareness, evolutionary intention, and evolutionary practice.

Well … ask and ye shall receive.

An upcoming televent sponsored by Humanity’s Team promises to help us take all three steps.

Humanity’s Team is one of my favorite organizations seeking to gather around a new love-based, evolutionary game.  Founded by Neal Donald Walsch in 2003, its mission is to:

“Awaken the world to the ancient truth and sacred belief that We Are All One — one with God and one with life, expressing a shared global state of unity — so that humanity’s behavior may shift to reflect this understanding, thereby enabling a sustainable world of peace and harmony and happiness to evolve.”

Next month, Humanity’s Team — along with yours truly — is sponsoring and promoting an inspiring and practical month-long online event to help YOU find your mission and weave it into this newly emerging fabric. It’s called Living in Oneness ~ The Five Pillars for Success. If you know you have something that is yours to do … and you don’t quite know what it is … or, if you DO know and need the spark of inspiration, this event is for you.  And it’s FREE.

Speakers include … Joan Borysenko, Annie Burnside, Anakha Coman, Panache Desai, Steve Farrell, Arielle Ford, Rachael Jane Groover, Barbara Marx Hubbard, George Kao, Eric Knouse, Eva Charlotte Ruiz Larsson, Ervin Laszlo, Dee Meyer, Dr. Jose Ruiz, James Twyman, Neale Donald Walsch and Ken Wilber.

Oh, and the Swami will be there too.  In fact, you can watch Swami’s personal invitation to this event right here:

OK, that was the “who.”  So what’s the “what”?

This summit is about providing tools for really living in Oneness in our own life, in our relationship with a significant other, in our parenting with our children, in the workplace and as a leader out in the world.

Most people we know are looking for tools to really live in Oneness. There is a sense that our lives can be fuller, our relationships can be more, our parenting can be more on target, our workplaces can be more conscious and more alive, and our leadership can be based more in authenticity and heart-based action. These are the things our speakers will discuss during this summit.

  • Find your purpose
  • Live a life of connection
  • Enjoy a stream of never-ending synchronicity
  • Live a heart-centered life
  • Have the faith and courage to follow your dreams
  • Live the art of discernment ~ Know which path to follow
  • And so much more…

If you’re ready to explode your limiting beliefs, and explore unlimited possibilities, then immerse yourself in the practical wisdom of this virtual event.

Most programs are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the month of June from 12-1 PDT

Please go here to register … oh, did I say it’s FREE!

Yours in Evolutionary Upwising,

Steve Bhaerman

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