Involuntary Simplicity – 3 Steps to Sustainable Happiness

An Inspiring Interactive Play Shop with

Steve and Trudy Bhaerman

From survival to thrival … letting go into the flow

Join Steve Bhaerman (alter ego of Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda and co-author with Bruce Lipton of the groundbreaking book, Spontaneous Evolution) and his wife and “co-heart” Trudy as they frankly share their own evolutionary journey – where they drastically downscaled their footprint, and upscaled their life.

After leaving their beautiful home of 12 years in what they call “triumphant surrender,” they experienced wave after wave of amazing grace as they let go of what was no longer needed, and received all they required to thrive.  With humor and honesty, they relate their own tale – and then lead you on your own journey to release the structures that no longer serve you … so you can receive the blessings that have been patiently waiting for you.

What you will learn includes:

• Profoundly simple indigenous wisdom and practices

• Making the shift from leverage to “loverage”

• Weaving your gifts into the “thrival” economy

• Simple practices for letting go … and connecting

Just as surely as the worldwide crises we see around us are pre-blessers (we much prefer that to “pre-cursors”) to evolutionary transformation, so our personal crises – whatever form they may take – are the gateway to our own “spontaneous evolution.”

You’ll laugh … you’ll learn … you’ll evolve.

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