How A Wise Crack Helped Mary Go Crackers

“To get a half-baked idea fully baked and rolling in dough, jest add a pinch of humor, and you’ll laugh all the way to the bank.” — Swami Beyondananda



For years, I’ve believed and taught that humor is a key ingredient in successful enterprise.  However, even I was taken by surprise by an email I received from a fan last Thursday. He wrote to tell me that Mary Waldner, founder of the highly-successful Mary’s Gone Crackers cracker company had been on the Caroline Casey radio show that afternoon. Mary reported that when she was still contemplating starting her company but lacking the funds to launch, she called into the Caroline Casey show (this was probably 12 or 15 years ago) when Swami Beyondananda was the guest. When she told the Swami she wanted to start a baking company but didn’t have the money, Swami said, “But you have plenty of dough!”

Mary adopted that as her catchphrase, posted it all over her office, her home and her bakery, and it inspired her through that challenging period. To paraphrase those 70s icons, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, “Laughter will get you through times ofno money better than money will get you through times of no laughter.”

marysgonecrackers_logoFortunately, ten years after starting her company — and after overcoming many challenges — Mary now has plenty of both laughter and money. I highly recommend listening to her interview (link below) and trying her yummy gluten-free crackers. The even funnier synchronicity is that the only cracker Trudy and I had in our pantry last Thursday was a box of Mary’s Gone Crackers with caraway seeds.

And the lesson is … you don’t necessarily have to be prolifically funny to tap the magic of humor. If you capture one humorous moment that reminds you to enlighten up, then as the Swami would say, you have found a “laughsitive” that taken regularly can restore “regular-hilarity”. Mary was obviously attuned into how the vibe of humor — one simple yet profound joke — could help her and her team stay resilient through a sometimes-discouraging process.

If you’re curious how YOU can add the magic of transformational humor to your workplace, your play place, your world, check out the upcoming teleclass, Wake Up Laughing And Leave Laughter In Your Wake starting Thursday, February 19th. Swami says, “Sense of humor is our seventh sense that helps us make sense of the other six.”

It’s total immersion in the distinctions of humor — you’ll laugh while you learn, and learn while you laugh, and enlighten and brighten the world around you.

Find out more about the class here.

And yes … I do work with clients and companies individually to help them “humorize” their message. Just respond with an email with and put “humorize” in the subject line. In any case, I HIGHLY-RECOMMEND being in the class to fully immerse (and fooly immerse) in cosmic comedy and healing laughter. Not only will YOU be happy you did, everyone around you will too.

May the FARCE be with you,

Steve Bhaerman

Listen to Caroline Casey interview Mary here:

Find out more about Mary’s Gone Crackers here:

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