For Giving Love – Awakening Your Essential Nature Through Love and Forgiveness

ForGivingLoveCoverWhen I got the announcement that my friend and colleague Dr. Leonard Laskow’s new book, For Giving Love: Awakening Your Essential Nature Through Love and Forgiveness, was having its official launch this coming Tuesday, April 26th, I eagerly set out to write a review for Amazon, and then I remembered. Oh, I’m a co-author on that book, so how could I honestly review it?

Then I realized that I’m the perfect “inside” reviewer, since I worked closely with Len for nearly 18 months and had a total immersion in his clear and helpful distinctions not just on forgiveness but also what he calls “the game of awakening.”

Some background: I first discovered Dr. Laskow’s work nearly ten years ago while writing Spontaneous Evolution with Bruce Lipton. When I read his first book, Healing With Love, I was so taken with his work and story (using the power of love and acceptance to measurably shrink cancer cells in a laboratory) that Bruce and I devoted four full pages to it in our book.

I also greatly appreciated how Leonard took a nebulous concept like love and boiled it down to a clear, almost scientific definition: “Love is a universal pattern of resonant energy.”

We became friends, and when Trudy and I visited Leonard and his wife Sama in Ashland, Oregon two years ago (they have since moved to Switzerland to be closer to Sama’s grandchild) he asked me if I would help him write his new book on forgiveness.

Knowing he would never forgive me if I said no, I said yes.

(Just kidding. I wanted to see if you were paying attention.)

Actually, I was hugely honored that he asked me to help him express his deep understanding of this widely misunderstood topic. Too often forgiveness is associated with condoning a hurtful act, or “forgetting” about it, or the belief that the person you are forgiving has to participate.

As Leonard points out, forgiveness is not about condoning, but about acknowledgment and acceptance. It’s not about forgetting but about “remembering differently” (he offers some very interesting research on what happens in the brain when we release emotional charge, yet still remember the event). And it’s not about the other person, it’s about freeing ourselves from the “prison” of the past “so we are free to live and love in the present.”

During the course of writing the book, I had the opportunity to experience the Forgiveness Process and several other practices Leonard has developed over the years to discover “who we really are.” Leonard calls this “the Game of Awakening” and it has helped me cultivate my “aware witness” who can simultaneously be in the midst of a “shituation” and also watching the goings-on from a non-ego vantage point.

Interestingly, Leonard was offered the opportunity to write a book shaped by the perceived desires of the marketplace, and written to a pre-conceived “best seller” formula. He politely and firmly turned it down to write the book that his heart told him to write.

The book has a core authenticity that transcends catchwords and fads, and Leonard and I both know this book will find its audience. And, as these things go, the more people read the book, review it, like it at the outset, the more audience it will find.

So … if you’re curious about the power of forgiveness — even if you think you understand forgiveness inside and out — take the opportunity to go even deeper and gain even more freedom from the past.

Although the book is available now, there’s an official book launch planned for Tuesday April 26th, when the e-book version will be offered for only 99 cents on that day, instead of $15.25. THE OFFER IS ON THAT DAY ONLY, and you can help send the book up the pop charts by getting it for 99¢ Tuesday, April 26th.

The book is available in e-book and print format on Amazon at:

If For Giving Love resonates with you, feel free to share the above Amazon link with your friends, clients, and others and remind them of the Tuesday April 26th date when they can get the e-book for 99 cents.

Again, I am honored and grateful to have played a part in it!

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