Why Wake Up Laughing?

Wake Up Laughing is a site where we weave cosmic comedy and healing laughter to awaken joy, love and wisdom — and to spark an upwising!

Wake Up Laughing — the domain, the community, the context, and the content — has two simple purposes: to proliferate laughter, and proliferate awakening. It is the brainchild and heart-child of Steve Bhaerman, serious author (Spontaneous Evolution, written with Bruce Lipton) and cosmic comic (more than 28 years writing and performing as Swami Beyondananda).

Wake Up Laughing, The Vision: A world where humanity awakens to realize itself as a healthy, harmonious, thriving organism — and the laughter of happy children is the soundtrack for a joyful world.

Wake Up Laughing, The Mission: To provide context, content and community for those seeking to use laughter and humor to awaken our full (and fool) potential — so that more and more of us wake up laughing, and leave laughter in our wake.

What’s So?

There’s Something Funny — And Not So Funny — Going On  Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton tells us crisis precipitates evolution. Looking at the multiple crises we are facing as a species as well as individually, we’d have to say the chances of precipitation are 100%. Fortunately, the technological tools are in place to create a world that works for everyone. As Swami says, “We have the wherewithal, and now we need the aware-with-all.” Now what is required is for us to cultivate two key human qualities — love and imagination — to evolve the “me OR you” civilization into a “me AND you” one.

So What?

From Ha-Ha to A-HA to Aaahhh  At a time when evolution requires us to “overgrow” the dueling duality consciousness, and emerge into a more integral and integrated way of seeing the world and our possibilities, humor is a tool to heal the heart and free the mind. Laughter takes us from the duality of the mind to the unity of the heart, and humor collapses paradox to help us find new pathways beyond “this or that”. Cosmic comedy and healing laughter raise our spirits, inspire joy, and point us to new possibilities.

Now What?

Time to Pump Ironies and Commit Random Acts of Comedy   Wake Up Laughing brings the domains of comedy and laughter together with the awakening integral and evolutionary sensibilities that look for solutions at a higher level than the problems. By exaggerating and ridiculing the absurdity of those institutions that have “outlived their uselessness” — what Swami Beyondananda calls “pumping ironies” — we cultivate wisdom and courage to change what we must. Through sheer playfulness, we kindle and cultivate joy — the “karma fuel” that will help us through this evolutionary passage.


Wake Up Laughing — What, How, and When?

Wake Up Laughing has been Swami’s cyber-home for fifteen years.

Now it’s time to expand the mission and the domain to include:

The Wake Up Laughing blog by Steve Bhaerman and cosmic comic tutorial

Wake Up Laughing Radio and Podcasts highlighting “signs of the upwising” and celebrating others with a similar vision of humor that transforms

Cosmic Comic Calendar featuring “wake up laughing” events around the country and the world, including other comics with cosmic sensibilities

Cosmic Comic Community where individuals and organizations using healing laughter and promoting awakening comedy can share ideas

Audios and videos of Swami and other “light-minded” comedians

Swami’s Awarehouse, featuring products and programs designed to awaken awareness through humor

Join the Upwising — portal to community of Co-Hearts whose “works of heart” contribute to good goods and greater goodness

A new app that literally helps you wake up laughing — while adding your own laughter to the laugh track

We are looking to have the updated site up and running by — when else — April Fools Day, 2015. That gives us four months. Our intention is by the end of that time, we will have a fully (and fool-ly) redesigned site populated by a thriving community of cosmic comics, laughter therapists, transformational thinkers and doers who are ready to combine laughter and awakening. We anticipate having our Wake Up Laughing podcasts broadcasting, and engaging a broad community of people who want to not just wake up laughing, but leave laughter in their wake.

Wake Up Laughing — What’s In It For WE?

The new and updated Wake Up Laughing is an expression of my life’s mission, my “work of heart”, if you will. It will allow me to share my gifts at a higher level, to pay back those who have helped along the way, and pay forward as we establish a new comic sensibility that will help us cultivate wisdom and sanity.

Here are some of the greater benefits of the new Wake Up Laughing:

In an era when comedy tends to be cynical, we provide hilarious comedy that is “irreverently uplifting” — that deconstructs obsolete beliefs in the head, and puts us in our hearts

We help others communicate more effectively through humor, and cultivate a healthy, playful and joyful sense of humor

We support comedians and others who are using transformational humor, and are helping define a new genre

We provide entertaining and enlightening podcasts and broadcasts that proliferate laughter and awakening

We literally help people “wake up laughing” with our laughter app

We link to a community of folks who have joined the upwising and have their own “work of heart” to contribute to the greater good

We provide a community, an infrastructure and a marketplace for humor that awakens … and products, programs and projects that add to the greater happiness of all beings

How You Can Help

If you’ve ever sought to launch an endeavor, you can relate to what Milton Friedman didn’t quite say — there’s no such thing as a free launch. That is why I am asking for your support now as I build my dream that has plenty of room to include others who seek to awaken through laughter.

If you find our vision, mission and work worthy — and you want to “put your money where your mouse is”– we invite you to make a loveraged buy-in to the project, and we are happy to offer you the following gifts:

Wake Up Laughing Profounder Founder … $1,000 or more. Swami will do a live living room performance for your friends and family. (Travel not included … we will piggyback it on to an event in driving distance from where you are.)

Wake Up Laughing Profound Founder … $500 or more. Swami will do a full hour live Skype living room event for you and your community.

Wake Up Laughing Founder … $250 or more. Swami will offer a video Astromusicological Reading (your fate and fortune based on the song that was # 1 the day you were born) for you or a friend.

Wake Up Laughing Supporter … $100 or more. Steve offers the Digital Course In Laughter, including 2 e-books, five CD downloads, and loads of other audio material to give you a firm foundation in cosmic comedy + new stuff being created right now!

Wake Up Laughing Contributor … $25 or more. You will receive the digital audio version of Totally Clips of the Swami when it is released on April 1, 2015 — including never-before-heard Swami moments, and never-before-seen special video clips.

Wake Up Laughing Donor … $10 or more. Choose from one of the digital download comedy CDs (Beyondananda and Beyond, Don’t Squeeze the Shaman, Drive Your Karma Curb Your Dogma, or Supreme Court Jester) or e-books, Wake Up Laughing: An Insider’s Guide to the Cosmic Comedy or Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba.

You can go here to my website to support this project.

Or use PayPal to make a loveraged buy in for any amount.   PayPal Donate Button

Thank you in advance for helping fuel the upwising!

May the FARCE be with you,

Steve Bhaerman

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