Wake Up Laughing, and Leave Laughter In Your Wake — 5 Ways Funny Business Can Help YOUR Business

“Laugh at yourself, and the whole world will laugh at you too.”

– Swami Beyondananda

Dear Linked In Co-Hearts:

There’s a classic cartoon showing a clown on a psychiatrist’s couch. His complaint? “Nobody takes me seriously.”

That’s why humor — used appropriately — is so powerful. Because it isn’t taken seriously, it can penetrate barriers and defensiveness. It’s an excellent “people tenderizer” that leaves people smiling as well as laughing. Here are five ways the RIGHT use of humor can enhance your business and life:

  1. Playful Humor is Welcoming and Attractive. In study after study, one of the most desirable traits in a mate or partner is “sense of humor”. Why? Because the brightness and lightness of humor is naturally attractive, and people want to be around it. Workplaces that cultivate playfulness and convivial humor are more productive, and of course happier. Individual practitioners who have the “light” touch naturally attract more clients, and often get better results. An MD we know would often greet new patients by pulling his hand out from behind his back to reveal a huge rubber clown thumb. If the patient laughed or smiled, he knew humor would work with them. If not, he would go back to being a “serious doctor”.
  1. It Can Transform Adversity Into Creative Solutions. That’s the other reason a sense of humor is so desirable. When things feel stuck, when things aren’t flowing, humor can help reframe the situation and point toward creative solution. Because humor is about paradox, about putting things together that wouldn’t otherwise be related, it can take us out of the box of ordinary thinking to a true breakthrough solution. An artist in Austin, Texas came to his studio one day to find latex paint spilled on his floor. Initially he was upset, until he noticed that the paint dried to look like a necktie. That sparked a hugely successful business — making hilarious, colorful rubber ties.
  1. It Makes Your Message Memorable. Think of companies like Southwest Airlines or the old Volkswagen ads from back in the 60s. The self-effacing humor they used — even gently poking fun at their own product — attracted lots of positive attention, and made their message memorable, famous even. Do you think a “humorized” message about your enterprise might be catchy enough to “catch” the attention of new customers or clients? Unless you are an undertaker, probably so!
  1. It Makes Your Business — and Place of Business — User-Friendly. Have you ever walked into an office, a store, a business establishment, and something just made you smile? Maybe it was a funny sign, or a cartoon (Note: A therapist we know had a two-panel cartoon enlarged and laminated in his office. In the first panel, a young boy caught in a raging river is shouting to his dog, “Lassie, get help!” In the second panel, Lassie is on her back on a psychiatrist’s couch.)
  1. It Cultivates Happiness — From the Inside Out. According to Martha Beck, the average adult laughs 15 times a day; the average child, more than 400 times. Do the math … and then do the aftermath! And it’s not just laughing that helps. Just the simple act of turning the corners of your mouth into a smile (what Swami Beyondananda calls “the levitational pull”) can create a cascade of beneficial biochemistry that reduces stressful hormones and increases production of beneficial ones. As Marci Shimoff says in her book, Happy For No Reason, we don’t smile because we’re happy … we’re happy because we smile.

So, given the panoply of benefits, how can YOU use just the right kind of humor for fun and profit?

I’m glad I asked that question.

With more than 25 years experience as a purveyor of heart-opening and mind-expanding comedy (and a lifetime of making others laugh, advertently or not), I know some things about the “alchemy of humor” and how even those without a funny bone in their body (OK, one funny bone) can learn to humor themselves and others, and enhance their experience of life, work and business.

There are several ways I can help you do this, so here goes:

  1. A simple and inexpensive e-book package, Wake Up Laughing: An Insider’s Guide to Cosmic Comedy, and The Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba that will help you appreciate some fundamental distinctions about humor that helps, and also offers some of the best and funniest “teaching” jokes on the planet. $25 Order here … in fact for just $4 more (a mere $29) you can have those e-books plus nearly 4 hours of Swami Beyondananda’s comedy to enjoy as part of the Fool Enchilada Special (offer good through Sunday, November 2nd) Order here.
  1. A Course In Laughter. Your chance to learn the secrets of cosmic comic consciousness in this self-paced course led by the man behind Swami Beyondananda, Steve Bhaerman. The Course includes two e-books (Wake Up Laughing, Zen Cohens), a Workbook, and hours of audio instruction on the ins and outs of using humor as a transformational tool. As part of the course, you will receive two additional audio files, The Fool’s Journey and Beyondananda and Beyond. $297 value, now just $97. (Download links sent via email). As an extra bonus for purchasing this course, you will be invited to a one-hour Cosmic Comedy Coaching Call to help you get even better at humoring yourself and others. (Call will be scheduled for a week night between November 15th and December 10th and will be recorded so you can listen later if you miss it.) Purchase here.
  1. Have the Swami appear at your holiday party (or any gathering) live or by Skype. Just respond to this note for details (see email and phone below).


And yes, I do have several hours reserved per month to do individual Cosmic Comic Coaching and consulting. (Reply to this message for more information.) Oh, and please feel free to pass this information on to colleagues. You can reach me, Steve Bhaerman, at swamib1@gmail.com or by phone at (707) 888-7260. To quote my friend Caroline Casey, “co-operators are standing by.”

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An Invitation … To Invite the Swami to Your Town

“An enrolling stone gathers no remorse.”

– Swami Beyondananda

If you’ve been enjoying Swami on the SwamiShoulderAug13internet and have been wondering how to have him appear on the outernet — here’s your opportunity.  Swami and Steve and Trudy have already begun booking events for the 2014 Wake Up Laughing, Wise Up Loving tour, and we hereby invite you to invite him to your community!

If your organization is looking to hold a fun(d) raiser or community celebration this year, and if you think a good dose of cosmic comedy and healing laughter would help raise the laugh expectancy in your area, this is the perfect opportunity!

What’s even better is that travel won’t be an expense, because we will already be in the “neighborhood”.  Right now, we will be in the Northwest in May, be driving right through Colorado in July, we’re in the Northeast in August and September, DC, Virginia and North Carolina in October, Florida and Texas in November, and back on the West Coast for December.

Here are three possible ways to bring Swam to your town:

1.  An organization / venue with a large enough constituency to guarantee at least 100 people for a show in smaller communities, 200 in larger ones.

2.  An individual or organization — with skills and experience — who wants to bring the full spectrum of the holistic community together in celebration.

3.  A yoga center that wants to sponsor an evening of comedy — and Kirtan. We would call it Satsang with Swami, followed by Sit-Sing with the local Kirtan group.

Steve&TrudyforWEBIn addition to the Swami’s comedy performance, Trudy and I will also be launching our new presentation, Evolutionary Upwising, which takes my work with Bruce Lipton (Spontaneous Evolution) to the next practical level, and calls forth humanity to gather our good intentions under “one big intent” — thrival for all.

Our tour will be supported by national sponsors and our new Evolutionary Upwising platform, meaning that each scheduled event will appear on our program so friends in one place can invite friends from somewhere else to join the fun.  More about the Evolutionary Upwising soon …

Meanwhile, we’re looking to affirm up our schedule.  And, keep in mind that if you can’t afford to bring Swami in in person, we do Skype events as well.  In fact, we have one scheduled for next month.  Just ask.

And if you’d like to find out more about how to bring Swami to your area, just send an email to swamib1@gmail.com and we’ll get right back to you.

May 2014 bring more light, love and laughter …

And may we wake up laughing, and leave laughter in our wake!

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Swami Is Now in 22 Languages! (And So is Spontaneous Evolution)


An interpreter friend of ours once had to translate a joke, which because of cultural context, can be challenging.  But she did, and the audience laughed.  The speaker was quite impressed and approached her later.  “How on earth did you translate that joke?”

“It was easy,” she said.  “I told them, ‘It’s a joke — laugh.'”

Fortunately, the twenty-two or so translators who translated Spontaneous Evolution didn’t have to do it on the fly.  And so, every one of those books has a Swami quote at the beginning of each chapter, very likely the same ones I wrote in English.

Yes, that’s right.

SELanguageCoverSpontaneous Evolution — and believe it or not, the Swami — can now be read in Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal, two translations), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian and Spanish (Spain and Latin America, two translations).

Deepak Chopra said of Spontaneous Evolution, “The implications of this powerful book have the potential to change the world.”  Well, I guess our publisher Hay House is taking this pretty seriously, as the ideas in this book are now proliferating throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America … not to mention the English-speaking world.

And Swami’s work is pro-laugherating.

So, what does a Swami quote look like in  Portuguese? Slovenian? Korean? Well, let’s take Swami’s opening quote.

*In English that’s:  “The bad news is, there is no key to the Universe.  The good news is, it has been left unlocked.”

Here are just a few takes on that:




And you know what?  We don’t have Swami translated into Hebrew or Arabic or Farsi (I mean, surely the Farsi should be with us, seeing that Swami is so farce-seeing).  If anyone can translate that quote, I’m happy to publish it!

And speaking of Spontaneous Evolution

Spontaneous Evolution Study Guide Now Available!SpontaneousBookCover

Oh, and by the way, if you still haven’t read or listened to Spontaneous Evolution, you can order the book here, and/or the CD set hereand we will send you a Spontaneous Evolution Study Guide free.  If you’ve already read the book and have friends, family or community members who might appreciate it, order it for them!

As Bruce Lipton and I say in the book:

“For millennia, our spiritual teachers have been pointing us in the direction of love. Now science is confirming that ancient wisdom. We are each and all cells in the body of an evolving giant super-organism we call humanity. Because humans have free will, we can choose to either rise to that new level of emergence or, in the manner of dinosaurs, fall by the wayside.

“Spontaneous Evolution introduces the notion that a miraculous healing awaits this planet once we accept our new responsibility to collectively tend the Garden rather than fight over the turf. When a critical mass of people truly own this belief in their hearts and minds and actually begin living from this truth, our world will emerge from the darkness in what will amount to a spontaneous evolution.”

Or, as Swami says:  “Dajmo hudiça, ustvarit’ ze enkrat ta Raj na Zemlji.”

Oops … I mean, “Why don’t we go for heaven on earth, just for the hell of it?”

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Spiritual Comedy Festival — Take Two

 “You want to uplift humanity?  Begin by uplifting your own face.  Let the levitational pull lift the corners of your mouth into a smile.  Levity will help you rise above whatever has been bringing you down.”     – Swami Beyondananda

Dear Friends:

My cosmic comic co-heart Alicia Dattner continues her foray into the domain of “spiritual comedy” — the kind that leaves you laughing, and smiling.  If you’ve been dealing with a serious case of seriousness, Alicia’s good humor and wit — and those of her guests — will restore regular-hilarity before you develop a full-blown case of humorrhoids.

Check out the Spiritual Comedy Festival Take Two here and read more from Alicia Dattner below:

LOGO6-SpiritualComedy_SummerSeries copy

As we adjust to the energies of the summer soul-stice, here’s one thing I suggest we try: taking things less seriously. It’s so easy to get caught up in our lives, our businesses, our relationships… and we lose perspective, and forget the joy and wonder that life offers in every moment. What’s the best way to change this? Laughter!

“I’ve been on a raw food diet for 2 weeks… Ugh, I just found out raw food doesn’t include cookie dough.” -Alicia Dattner

Did you know the average adult laughs only 3 times in one day. Isn’t 3 times waaayyy too low? We should definitely laugh more than we eat because: a) it’s cheaper b) it burns calories from eating.

This is why I’m so excited to share with you my dear friend Alicia’s event, The Spiritual Comedy Festival’s Summer Series. Along with 4 new comedians & spiritual teachers over 4 weeks, she’ll be sharing some of her treasured golden nuggets of humor and wisdom on what it means to be human.

The festival is free and takes place online, so you can enjoy the whole thing from the comfort of your home (or anywhere).

Why join us? Because this kind of laughter lets us:

  • Get our giggles and our Ah-Ha’s in the same place
  • Experience ourselves as human and divine at the same time
  • Strengthen our immune system, endorphins, & resiliency
  • Awaken our creativity, courage, memory, alertness

Just go here to sign up.

This sacred, irreverent laugh-apolooza includes several internationally-touring, award-winning comedians, and renowned spiritual  teachers. Each of us have a deep desire to share our unique and hilarious perspectives on life, as well as the “really important” stuff like parking tickets, lovers’ quarrels, and waiting in line at the post office. We may even poke a little fun at how much we love to be spiritual.

When you join, you’ll get access to the festival’s summer series shows. And, if you are really ready to laugh yourself silly, you can join The Divine Laughter Club. Details to follow when you sign up. Come play with us, and create a life that’s filled with more divine wonder, compassion, truth, and best of all… laughter.

See you there!

Alicia Dattner

The Spiritual Comedy Festival Summer Series

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Magnetizing Laughter — New From the Swami! Plus A Special “Jest Because” Sale

“I had one of those magnetic healing sessions, and boy — talk about powerful.  I was stuck to my refrigerator for three days.”  — Swami Beyondananda

Dear Friends, Fans and Cosmic Comic Co-Hearts:

For years, people having been coming up to me and saying, “You should have refrigerator magnets with Swami’s sayings!”  I’ve nodded in agreement, and since none of these well-meaning folks were in the fridge magnet business, it simply remained a good idea — until I got the same request from an actual manufacturer.

So now, we DO indeed have several of your favorite Swami’s sayings available as friendly reminders to “enlighten up.”  They’ve been well-received at live events, and now they are available by mail.  Here are the choices (when you order, you will receive a checklist to check off the ones you want):

The best way to illuminate the darkness is to make light of it.

Each of us is totally unique — just like everyone else.

The Creator is watching the Comedy Channel and we are what’s on.

Living in the now will be the wave of the future.

Why don’t we go for “Heaven on Earth” just for the hell of it?

I have expanded my mind so much I can no longer fit through my door … I had to go to a shrink.

Life is a sitcom — so sit calm and enjoy it.

The sky is not falling — we are ascending.

I cannot stress enough how stressful stress can be.

If you’ve been looking for a way to remind yourself to take things a bit less seriously, there’s nothing like refrigerator magnets to make sure the message “sticks.”  Go here to find out more and make your choices.

A Special “Jest Because” Sale

From time to time, we get an urge to clear our awarehouse and turn inventory into out-ventory and this is one of those times, “jest because.”  It’s not Mother’s Day, it’s not Father’s Day, and the theme of Memorial Day is a bit too somber for laughing out loud.

Nonetheless, the latest studies show that 4 out of 5 adults suffer from irregular-hilarity, and with full-blown humorrhoids on the rise, we couldn’t idly sit by without offering up Swami’s laughsitives for absurdly low prices.  To paraphrase those 60s icons, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, laughter will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no laughter.

So, we’re offering more than 30% off our digital Fool Enchilada, and 20% off our “physical product” Enchilada this week only, through Memorial Day, next Monday, May 27th.

For this very limited time, we’re offering the Digital Fool Enchilada (4 60-minute Swami audio classics + two e-books) for just $29 ($10 off the regular price) and the “real” Fool Enchilada (4 Swami CDs, one DVD and the Swami for Precedent book) for just $49 (includes US shipping) … that’s $10 less than usual, and all that for a $111 value!  Oh, and the “real” Fool Enchilada Special includes two e-books that will be emailed to you as well. And … just for fun, we’ll throw in a FREE magnet of your choice. Plenty of fun items to humor yourself and others.

Order here.

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Join Humanity’s Teammates for A Special Online Event Living In Oneness

“We are all one with the same One — if I’m One, you’re One too!”   — Swami Beyondananda


Dear Friends and Evolutionary Co-Hearts:

In Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and I suggest that the next phase of human evolution is recognizing that we are each and all cells in the body of a new super-organism called Humanity.  On a practical level, it means gathering all good intentions under “one big intent” — thrival for all.

During this time of awakening and “upwising,” more and more individuals who’ve been receiving a similar signal are wondering, how do we live into this new awareness now?

In our book, Bruce and I came up with a 3-step plan to do exactly that — evolutionary awareness, evolutionary intention, and evolutionary practice.

Well … ask and ye shall receive.

An upcoming televent sponsored by Humanity’s Team promises to help us take all three steps.

Humanity’s Team is one of my favorite organizations seeking to gather around a new love-based, evolutionary game.  Founded by Neal Donald Walsch in 2003, its mission is to:

“Awaken the world to the ancient truth and sacred belief that We Are All One — one with God and one with life, expressing a shared global state of unity — so that humanity’s behavior may shift to reflect this understanding, thereby enabling a sustainable world of peace and harmony and happiness to evolve.”

Next month, Humanity’s Team — along with yours truly — is sponsoring and promoting an inspiring and practical month-long online event to help YOU find your mission and weave it into this newly emerging fabric. It’s called Living in Oneness ~ The Five Pillars for Success. If you know you have something that is yours to do … and you don’t quite know what it is … or, if you DO know and need the spark of inspiration, this event is for you.  And it’s FREE.

Speakers include … Joan Borysenko, Annie Burnside, Anakha Coman, Panache Desai, Steve Farrell, Arielle Ford, Rachael Jane Groover, Barbara Marx Hubbard, George Kao, Eric Knouse, Eva Charlotte Ruiz Larsson, Ervin Laszlo, Dee Meyer, Dr. Jose Ruiz, James Twyman, Neale Donald Walsch and Ken Wilber.

Oh, and the Swami will be there too.  In fact, you can watch Swami’s personal invitation to this event right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QfeI1eeeO8

OK, that was the “who.”  So what’s the “what”?

This summit is about providing tools for really living in Oneness in our own life, in our relationship with a significant other, in our parenting with our children, in the workplace and as a leader out in the world.

Most people we know are looking for tools to really live in Oneness. There is a sense that our lives can be fuller, our relationships can be more, our parenting can be more on target, our workplaces can be more conscious and more alive, and our leadership can be based more in authenticity and heart-based action. These are the things our speakers will discuss during this summit.

  • Find your purpose
  • Live a life of connection
  • Enjoy a stream of never-ending synchronicity
  • Live a heart-centered life
  • Have the faith and courage to follow your dreams
  • Live the art of discernment ~ Know which path to follow
  • And so much more…

If you’re ready to explode your limiting beliefs, and explore unlimited possibilities, then immerse yourself in the practical wisdom of this virtual event.

Most programs are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the month of June from 12-1 PDT

Please go here to register … oh, did I say it’s FREE!

Yours in Evolutionary Upwising,

Steve Bhaerman

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In All Undue Seriousness

I’m going to step out from under the turban for a moment, and speak to you as Steve Bhaerman about why I’m doing my class on the Alchemy of Laughter, and why the cosmic comic perspective is so valuable in these times of heavy-duty shift.

First of all, I love laughing and I love making other people laugh.  I started writing the Swami column just to amuse myself, and when I saw how my musings amused others, I knew I found my calling.

At the same time, people who know me well – and those who can read between the punch lines – know I have a serious side too.  Oy, do I have a serious side.  And my serious side sees a world in serious condition.  The world at this moment seems like one massive crisis, and one big fat opportunity.

I spent three years immersed in writing a “serious” book with Bruce Lipton, Spontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here.  Based on Bruce’s background in cellular and evolutionary biology and mine in political science (no, I never did get to dissect a politician in political science lab), we came to a simple conclusion:  The next phase of human evolution is the recognition that we are each and all cells in a super-organism called Humanity.  The multiple crises we face are an invitation, an opportunity for our entire species to evolve.  Some might call this evolution “heaven on earth”.  The cellular community beneath our skins would simply call it “health”.

Now while this idea is “simple”, that doesn’t necessarily make it easy.

While evolution might sound fine and dandy in the ideal, when it comes to the “real deal” it can be messy and uncomfortable, particularly when we insist on holding on to structures (physical, mental and spiritual) that the forces of evolution are sweeping away because they have become obsolete in our lives.  Over the past two years, my wife Trudy and I have undergone a transformation that we jokingly (and seriously) call “involuntary simplicity”. In the wake of these changes, challenging as they’ve been, we’ve been awakened to a much, much higher quality of life.

And through it all – thank God for humor!  Thank goodness we’ve been able to laugh, because the perspective of humor has given us cheerfulness in the face of challenge, has made us more flexible and resilient, and it’s given us the courage to face life and make necessary changes.  Being able to laugh has helped us find and stay in that space of inner peace, even when our outer peace seems to be in pieces.

Laughter is medicine, yes.  And not just in the physical sense.  Laughter is medicine in the Native American sense of medicine, as an alchemical (or, all-comical) tool to help us turn the dross of life into golden peals of laughter – that leaves awakening in our wake.  So – seriously – here are some of the benefits of cultivating a cosmic comic perspective in these evolutionary times:

Physical Well-Being.  Medical science has been studying the healing power of laughter ever since Norman Cousins used it to heal a life threatening condition and wrote his book Anatomy of An Illness nearly 35 years ago.  In a more recent study, Dr. Lee Berk at Loma Linda University found that heart patients who incorporated 30 minutes a day watching comedy along with their medical regimen required fewer medications.  Even more remarkable, in the one-year course of the study, only 8% of those who included laughter suffered another heart attack, as compared to 42% of the control group!  So folks, hearty laughter and “regular-hilarity” save lives!

Emotional Balance.  It may be that many of the physical benefits of laughter come from how it releases emotional stress, and helps us become more cheerful and resilient.  Regardless of external challenges, when we naturally and authentically resonate with this joyful state, we attract situations and people who are happier and more functional.  As the Swami would tell us, if you’re looking to uplift humanity, begin by uplifting the corners of your own mouth in a smile.  Like chicken soup, it couldn’t hurt.

Mental Flexibility.  Here is where the magic of humor holds an important key to the evolutionary upwising.  Because it integrates both the linear and intuitive brains, comedy helps us include, transcend and integrate seemingly contradictory ideas.  At a time when we must evolve from “this-or-that” thinking and begin to entertain new possibilities, humor is perhaps the most important – and certainly the most enjoyable – way to spark and expand creative thinking.

Spiritual Perspective.  You ever wonder why the great spiritual teachers who walk their talk – like the Dalai Lama and the late Swami Satchidananda – laugh so much?  It’s because they realize they are not who they think!  Unlike so many of the rest of us, they clearly get they are not their personalities, so when you-know-what happens, they don’t take it personally, or poisonally.  The cosmic comic perspective activates our “observer” so we gain a “God’s-eye-view” of our situation, and we recognize that who we are is much, much bigger than any circumstance.

As Bruce Lipton tells us, crisis precipitates evolution.  And if we look around us, we see the chances of precipitation are 100%.  We are coming to see that if our species is to survive, we must learn to work together.  And that’s just half of it …

We also need to play together, because play proliferates the seeds of joy, creativity, magic and miraculous transformation.  Play activates our childlike nature, and this “innocent perception” opens us to new possibilities – particularly as the old impossibilities prove less and less workable.

Maybe the first step in transforming the serious condition of the world is by addressing our own conditioning to be serious!

So come play with us.  Not only will you wake up laughing, you will learn how to leave laughter in your wake.  Remember, what goes around comes around.  The laugh you save may be your own.

Hear Swami’s State of the Universe Address here.

Find out more about the Alchemy of Laughter here.


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Om Made Gifts From the Swami!

“There’s no place like Om for the holidays.”

– Swami Beyondananda

Dear Friends:

What with the over-commercialization of the Holiday season (heck, the over-commercialization of everything), many folks have gotten turned off to the holiday gift giving ritual.  If you’re in that number, we completely understand.

Others, however, recognize that heartfelt giving will flourish long after empty ritual falls away … and there is something special about giving another person something thoughtful, meaningful, helpful, beautiful … or even funny.

If you’re looking to light up friends, family, acquaintances and anyone else with cheer … comedy that leaves ‘em smiling as well as laughing, and that gives more happiness bang for the buck, Swami humbly offers the following “Om made” gifts for anyone who loves to laugh, or who needs to:

For the spiritual seeker … Don’t Squeeze the Shaman CD, with lots of spiritual comedy from the Swami.  Actually, anyone can enjoy this one, since what used to be considered woo-woo is now merely “woo.” Learn more.

For the one who loves music while driving … Drive Your Karma, Curb Your Dogma CD, including six karma driving tunes and surprising recorded comedy.  Ever hear Howard Cosell do an infomercial for Nothing?  Here’s your chance. Learn more.

For just about anyone who appreciates heart-opening, mind-expanding humor regardless of religious or political affiliation … Beyondananda and Beyond:  Two Takes On the Healing Power of Humor CD … you’ll laugh while you learn, and learn while you laugh. Learn more.

For the political “junkie” or activist … Supreme Court Jester CD, to help us laugh at politics … because there’s definitely something funny going on. Learn more.

For the political type who loves to read … Swami For Precedent:  A 7-Step Plan to Heal the Body Politic and Cure Electile Dysfunction book.  An essential book to help move the evolutionary upwising forward. Learn more.

Finally, for anyone who wants to see the Swami offering his cosmic comedy in person, and fielding questions from the audience … Tickling the Body Politic DVD.  No, it’s not just about politics … it’s about spirituality, personal growth, children, adults … guaranteed to keep ‘em laughing till the sacred cows come home. Learn more.

You can buy these by the each, OR you can buy any six (including duplicates of the ones you feel best for your audience, in any combination) for just $59 (includes US shipping) as part of our Fool Enchilada Special.  (We will send a follow up email to see if you want one of each, or more than one of some.) Click here to order.

You can also get any four for $44 (we will send follow up email to see which you prefer).  Click here to order.

AND there’s more … for each product you order, Swami will include a special holiday gift card and an individualized signed greeting from Swami.  So, if you order the Fool Enchilada, it comes with 6 such cards … the four for $44 will have four, etc., etc.

AND even more … with every 4 for $44, you will get one of our e-books … your choice of either Wake Up Laughing:  An Insider’s Guide to the Cosmic Comedy, or The Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba, each a $15 value, and for Fool Enchilada orders you get both of them!

And … if your folks have already had enough to laugh about, and are ready for serious transformation … there’s always Spontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here.  Learn more. (This book is out of stock until January 2013.)

Yes, you can order the book and we are running a special on the Spontaneous Evolution 5 CD Set where Bruce and I discuss walk and talk our way through the book … 5 80 minute CDs, perfect for long trips or at-home listening … normally $39, for this month only it’s just $35 (includes FREE US shipping). Learn more.

And if you wish to order nothing from the Swami … well, if you’ve been a fan long enough, you know we used to sell Absolutely Nothing by the box … until we ran out.

In any case, we wish you a cheerful and cheer-filled holiday season, and may you wake up laughing … and leave laughter in your wake!

Steve Bhaerman

PS  Please note that all holiday orders must be received by December 18th to insure timely shipping AND Swami’s autograph!

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Amazing Grace and Profound Gratitude


Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, and not just because I love turkey and dressing.  I’m grateful that we have set aside a day expressly to express gratitude, which is why I find it more heartfelt to send out Thanksgiving cards than Christmas or Hanukkah ones.  So … consider this my holiday greeting:


If you’re on my mailing list, and have elected to receive my messages, thank you.

If you’ve been to one of our shows, or told anyone about them, thank you.

If you’ve bought a Swami product, or even thought about buying one, thank you.

If you’ve intentionally or unintentionally made someone laugh recently, thank you.

If you’ve hosted or promoted one of our shows, thank you.

If you’ve allowed the Swami and I to humorize your message, or if you were inspired to humorize your own, thank you.

If you participated in any teleclass I did – or even told someone about the teleclass (tell-a-teleclass) – thank you.

If you’ve put us up in the past year, or merely put up with us, thank you.

To my Facebook friends, friends of Facebook friends, Linked In associates, and anyone and everyone who receives this message … thank you!

In the nearly 18 months since Trudy and I have been “home free,” we have encountered so many amazingly graceful people and situations, and have had adventures too humorous to mention.  Most recently, we were in Sedona, Arizona sponsored by Happy Oasis and Johnny Light (we wisely passed up an opportunity in a parallel universe to be sponsored by Grumpy Oasis and Johnny Heavy) and hosted by Michael Mirdad and the Unity Church of Sedona.  We had a full house – overfull, as a matter of fact.  When someone asked, “What if the fire marshal comes?” someone else answered, “Oh, don’t worry.  We’ll find him a seat.”  The evening culminated with Swami, Michael and several “swamettes” offering an updated version of a Beatles classic to commemorate the end of time as we know it:  Now Here Man.

In short, and in long, Trudy and I are as overfilled with gratitude as that venue was last Friday night.  We’re now back in California for the winter, except for the December 21st sojourn to Chichen Itza, where the Swami has offered to channel Ed Sullivan to introduce the Mayan elders, and Howard Cosell to do the pray-by-pray.  (In spite of that, they still want me to come.)

Finally, to quote Sly Stone, “I want to thank you for letting me be myself again!”  Thank you for supporting my unique work in the world, and I hope doing so inspires your unique work as well.

So … if there is any way we can incite insight and laughter into your life and world, please let us know how.  Swami and I are available for performances, fun(d) raisers and appearances in California this winter or spring, and elsewhere too, if the event is large enough.  And if you are anywhere in the Solar System reachable by Skype, Swami can appear as if by magic, remotely … and if you’d like to humorize your message or get specific cosmic comedy coaching, we stand at the ready to humor you as well.  Jest send an email and let us know.

Finally, if you choose to give the gift of laughter this holiday season, we want to give you a gift as well.  For any order of $16 or more between now and December 17th, we’ll send you FREE either my Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba e-book, or the Wake Up Laughing e-book.  At a time of evolutionary change where the “shift” is most definitely hitting the fan, we will need all the heart-opening laughter and mind-expanding comedy we can get, and I know these e-books can provide the levity to overcome whatever gravity you might encounter. Click here to see Swami’s products.

Thank you for being a co-heart on the path, may we continue to live into the world we know is possible, and may we laugh, laugh, laugh till the sacred cows come home.

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Involuntary Simplicity – 3 Steps to Sustainable Happiness

An Inspiring Interactive Play Shop with

Steve and Trudy Bhaerman

From survival to thrival … letting go into the flow

Join Steve Bhaerman (alter ego of Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda and co-author with Bruce Lipton of the groundbreaking book, Spontaneous Evolution) and his wife and “co-heart” Trudy as they frankly share their own evolutionary journey – where they drastically downscaled their footprint, and upscaled their life.

After leaving their beautiful home of 12 years in what they call “triumphant surrender,” they experienced wave after wave of amazing grace as they let go of what was no longer needed, and received all they required to thrive.  With humor and honesty, they relate their own tale – and then lead you on your own journey to release the structures that no longer serve you … so you can receive the blessings that have been patiently waiting for you.

What you will learn includes:

• Profoundly simple indigenous wisdom and practices

• Making the shift from leverage to “loverage”

• Weaving your gifts into the “thrival” economy

• Simple practices for letting go … and connecting

Just as surely as the worldwide crises we see around us are pre-blessers (we much prefer that to “pre-cursors”) to evolutionary transformation, so our personal crises – whatever form they may take – are the gateway to our own “spontaneous evolution.”

You’ll laugh … you’ll learn … you’ll evolve.

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